Sunday, November 2, 2008

I take it no one liked my first posting, because no one responded to it at all.

Well. I'm either going to have to shut down my blog, or take a new approach. It might be better if I just make it serious.

Here's one last hurrah:


Do you guys ever think about getting old?

When I'm out in public, I spend about 75 % of my time watching eldery people. What is going on in their heads?

On the radio today there was a segment about aging. Maybe a few of you heard it?

At first it was interesting because they said that lobsters don't age. They just keep growing and growing and growing. There was a 50 pound lobster in 1952.

Rats and squirrels. They are similar in size, but rats live for three years, and squirrels live until they're around 25.

This all led to something about the increased lifespan of the elderly humans. Today, older people find themselves taking care of their eldery parents. (a 65 year old taking care of a 90 year old)

The radio journalist said, "So this is why it helps to have kids, so they can take care of you when you're old."

This made me picture myself at age 84 -- possibly widowed, living alone, with a cane-- calling up one of my grown-up sons, hoping he could come and help me with some home repairs or some confusing paperwork.

The thought of that sends shivers down my spine.

My son saying to his wife, "Listen, honey..I'll meet up with you and the kids later. I have to go over to mom's house to help her."

And the most troubling part: The wife and kids who don't really care about the grandma.

Are younger family members really, really interested in the old people in their families. Do they honestly get excited to see them and to talk to them?

Seriously, you guys.


niswonger said...

annie this is some great stuff.
keep it coming. I liked all the angles you checked out.

Jesse said...

Old bitches is weak yo...Smellin' all crinkly and puss...Damn. Keep it in the chair stank!

Lauren said...

Annie I luv ya, please dont shut your blog down now, honey, we all love ya, keep it coming.
regarding old people.
old people are either
1. pathetic
2. rad

getting older is all about trying not to be pathetic, and making sure you still rad. trust me on this one!!!